Faith Matters

For all who are hungry to grow in and explore thier Catholic faith. We meet in Chelsea Commons on Thursdays beginning at 7:00 PM. A wide variety of topics are covered from books, movies, or series that everyday people in the group are interested in. 

Join us in Chelsea Commons Thursday 11 May at 7 PM for the viewing and discussion of “Call Me Francis”.  On his path to becoming Pope Francis, Father Jorge Bergolio pursues his religious vocation in a country ravaged by brutal military dictatorship. He questioned authority and fought for justice. This biographical drama follow Jorge Bergoglio’s unconventional journey to becoming Pope Francis.

11 May Part 1 - The Jesuit - Jorge begins his life as a Jesuit in an unexpected way. A politically - divided country create challenges as his religious calling unfolds.

19 May Part 2 - Neither Dead, Nor Alive - People are routinely disappeared by the government, including Jorge’s close friends. He tries to balance his conscience with his institutional duties.

26 May Part 3 - Knots - Jorge continues to suffer losses before moving to Germany. A religious experience there helps him to heal, and he is offered a new position back home.

1 June Part 4 - The Listening Heart - Jorge plays intermediary between the government and armed citizens of the slums. Years later, he is close to retirement when Pope Benedict XVI resigns.

For more information about Faith Matters please contact Tom Lucente or the Parish Office at 237-5911,



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